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Perky-pet 325c 2-tier Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

This perky-pet 325 c 2-tier Copper Panorama bird feeder is 4, 5 lb. Capacity and will hang your bird with ease, it's top-of-the-line for keeping your feathered friends company or as an addition to your home's look. This feeder can be easily attached to a wall with an available screw, or you can use the included hinge system to hang it from a beam, the perky-pet 325 c 2-tier is a sterling buy for the eco-conscious shopper.

2-tier Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is 4, 5 lb. Capacity and is manufactured of copper, it peerless for a bright, panoramic view of the sky. The ped reborn design helps with sharp edges and get a beautiful, long-lasting product, this bird feeder is prime for a small backyard or outdoor garden. The two-tier design allows you to give your garden or backyard a healthy break from the sun or weather, the feeder as well versatile for uses other like during winter when storage is important. This feeder grants an 4, capacity so you can give your plants a break from being fertilized and provides a fast turnaround time so you can be up and zooming by the end of the day. This feeder is sensational for a mischievous bird, with its sleek searching design and straightforward to set up, Copper Panorama hanging bird feeder is practical for birders. The 4, capacity is valuable for or less budget. This perky-pet 325 c 2-tier Copper Panorama hanging bird feeder is an excellent addition to your pet's home, this feeder can hold 4. Of food per ferris wheel motion, plus, it presents an 4-foot tall version and an 2-tier version that can hold 2. This feeder effortless to set up and is top-grade for keeping your Pet full and happy.