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Humming Bird Feeder

This feeder is 8-ounce and made of metal, it is manufactured to look like a hummingbird, with its metal frame and ugly plastic scouring bowl. It is a top-grade substitute to show off your store and make sure that your customers know that you are hunting to buy your own feeder set.

#3051 Made In Usa


By First Nature


New First Nature Hummingbird Feeder, 16 .oz
First Nature Hummingbird Feeder, 16 oz.NEW
S With Metal Hangers - Pack Of 2 Nectar Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders with metal hangers

By Garden Collection


- 32 Oz. Capacity

Dew Drop Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

By Does not apply


First Nature Hummingbird Feeder, 16 oz
Perky Pet 8 oz Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet 8 oz Pinch

By Perky-Pet


Honey Bird Feeder

This beautiful honey bird feeder is exceptional for soft- arises! It is a beneficial addition to all feeder, and can be used for bird feeders, the transparent case will allow you to see what is inside, and the 2 hole system makes it straightforward to add other feeders with hole in center, the anna best feeder is a top-of-the-heap alternative to make your feeder more efficient and enjoy your birds! This Humming bird hanging feeder is a terrific addition to your garden. This feeder is just the right size for adding nectar or flowers to your plants, the sleek design will make your plants look hunting for flowers. The feeder is basic to set up and you can simply connect it to the wall using a hdmi cable, this Humming bird hanging feeder is a valuable alternative to add flowers or nectar to your plants. This beautiful non hanging bird feeder is practical for amorous birds in your garden or garden party, with its hexagon shape it is likewise terrific for storing supplies or feed for your growing garden. The 30 feeding ports make it a sterling size for many birds, and the effortless to makes it facile to put together, this beautiful honey bird feeder extends 16 oz. Of content in it to provide nutrition to your bird of any size, it is make from sturdy plastic and includes a click 'to' button to ensure accuracy and quick start. This feeder can be easily converted to a cloudy sky feeder by adding a transparent plastic lens to the top, the transparent lens allows you to monitor the sun's light during the day.