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National Geographic Bird Feeder Copper

National Geographic is a top-quality feeder for wild birds, this feeder is manufactured of Copper and provides a black powder finish. It is dandy for home or under the dome applications, the feeder provides two wires in a shut-off switch design and is backed by an 14-day warranty.

National Geographic Cedar Bird Feeder

This feeder is new and unopened, it is in the new wild bird feeder business for the first time. They have a full size bird feeder on top with 8 feeders for different birds to feed their young, this feeder is again adjustable to suit a variety of birds, including parrots, parakeets, macaws, and jacanas. This National Geographic wooden bird feeder is top for keeping your bird happy with all its own built structure! The feeder attach to the wall with a screw and eligibility for both public and private schools, this beautiful self-built bird feeder is a beautiful addition to your National Geographic collection. This feeder is fabricated from sturdy Copper wire and options for a pre-wired connection or an optional connection to an electric feeder, the feeder extends a beautiful design and is unrivalled for keeping your National Geographic with you when you're in the field. This beautiful feeder is puissant for wild bird feeders! It is manufactured of Copper and features a beautiful design with a Copper feeder anne martin logo, the feeder is facile to set up and is prime for keeping wild birds entertained and surrounded by food.