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Wingscapes Autofeeder Automatic Bird Feeder

This Auto is valuable for your bird and you can set it up as you want, you can add any number of birds, or plants, to the feeder, and it includes a digital readout to help you keep an eye on your birds. The feeder will start to run automatically and will give you a progress message as your bird gets food.

Wingscapes Auto Bird Feeder

The Auto bird feeder is an outstanding way to add one of those always- needed bird feeder moments to your home, this benches-based feeder features a beautiful green and white color scheme, making it a fun addition to all home design. It can be easily tailored to your specific location and needs, making it an outstanding substitute to add some desire to your home décor, the Auto feeder is an Automatic bird feeder that will keep your birds fed for years to come. The feeder is facile to handle and comes with an Automatic system that will send you a stream of birds when they are hungry, the feeder is conjointly lightweight and basic to store. This Auto feeder is dandy for individuals who grove on to bird watch! The wings will keep your bird in close quarters while they eat and drink, and the Auto outlet system will keep your feeder close to your hand, the Auto feeder is an enticing substitute to add another Automatic feeder to your garden. This feeder can automatically deliver fresh fruit, vegetables, and pellets to your garden, so you're never left out with a break in your garden.