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Squirrel Be Gone Bird Feeder

This squirrel-proof bird feeder grants an 2-lb, capacity forsquirrel-be-gone bird feeder is manufactured of durable materials that will never fail to impress. This feeder is a first rate addition to your shrub or tree and can accommodate up to 20 birds, the chainsaw lions found on the feeder add a touch of elegance to this feeder.

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By Perky-Pet


Perky Pet Bird Feeder Squirrel Be Gone

The perky-pet Squirrel proof bird feeder is a top substitute to keep your pet Squirrel safe, this feeder gives two-level feeders so your pet can get food and territories were they please. The feeder is manufactured of durable plastic and gives a small hole in the top for facile days when your pet is out and about, this perky pet Squirrel Be Gone bird feeder is a valuable substitute to show off your pet's favorite bird to others who will see it. The 12 lb, weight capacity makes it facile to add another bird to the mix, or to keep yourself and your pet happy and well-fed. This feeder is likewise a first rate source of color and symbolism for any pet lover, this perky-pet squirrel-be-gone wild bird feeder is fabricated with 12 lb. Capacity in mind, it is alsoinnacle-able with a red country style Squirrel proof bird feeder design. The feeder is manufactured with a strong, weather-proof construction that will never lose it and supposing that ever in the mood for a bit of exercise, squirrel-be-gone triple-tube Squirrel proof bird feeder is unequaled for you, this squirrel-proof bird feeder is 12 ft. Tall with an 12-volt battery and tomorrow's the day for squirrels! This feeder is manufactured with an 12-volt battery and tomorrow's the day for squirrels.