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Free Standing Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This Squirrel Proof bird feeder is 2 lbs, and is manufactured of plastic. It is uncomplicated to set up and is unequaled for a small room or deck, the feeder presents a front and back cover and is filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, and pellets. The feeder can hold up to 2 birds and provides a front and a back cover, the feeder is self-adjusting and leaves a roomy space for expansion.

- Hold 1.4 Quarts Of Bird Seed
Mixed Seed Sunflower Heart Version 3lbs Green Us

Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

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Standing Squirrel Proof Durable Metal Bird Feeders
NEW Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

NEW Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper

By Droll Yankees


With Baffle And Pole 24 Inch

Birds Choice Squirrel Proof Bird

By Birds Choice


Cat & Single Bird Garden Freestanding Vintage Antique Birdbath

Metal Bird Feeder Cat &

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Garden Decor Freestanding Speckled Antique Birdbath

Vintage Metal Bird Feeder Garden

By benorioh Bird


S Bird Feeders Rain Cover Guard Squirrel Proof Baffle
Hanging Wild Bird Seed Feeder Squirrel Proof Metal Green Caged Feed Tube Bird Supplies Standing Feeder
S Bird Feeders Rain Cover Guard Squirrel Proof Baffle

Squirrel Buster Legacy Bird Feeder

This sturdy Squirrel Proof seed feeder is a top-of-the-heap addition to your yard or garden, with a stylish design, squirrel-proof bid feeder is can store up to six variety seeds at once. The Squirrel buster legacy seed feeder is uncomplicated to set up and portable, making it first-rate for busy yards or gardens, this squirrel-proof bird feeder is top-of-the-heap for your bird feeder! It comes with a feeder ring and pole, so your bird can be reached for food. The squirrel-proof design means that your bird can't fall off the feeder while eating their seed, this Free Standing Squirrel Proof bird feeder is excellent for your bird feeder! With its baffle and pole system, Squirrel Proof wild bird feeder is top-of-the-line for keeping your birds in feeders while they eat. The feeder as well made out of plastic and metal, making it sturdy and durable, this Squirrel buster is a brand new $30. 00 substitute for the droll yank squirrels in your yard, this feeder is just as pictured - the cover is an interesting green and the bit that stands on top is fabricated of metal to guarantee safety. The feeder is manufactured of 2" schedule 10 steel which is a common type of steel used in machines and machinery, this bit is strong and the cover is lightly- warranty: 3 years. This feeder is good for two years, if it's not used, the $30. 00 price is only $17, this was a gift for a friend and she loved it.