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Bird Feeder Pole Deck Clamp

This first-rate Deck feeder Pole clamped to the wall is sterling for raising poultry to new heights! With its heavy-duty reach and extended-reach, this jigsaw-stylepole is sensational for today's bird-lover, shop now and get free shipping on the order over $50.

Metal Hook For Bird Feeders

The metal hook is a top-of-the-line addition to your bird feeder planter, it is thick and strong, and can hold a lot of food. It is sterling for feeding birds for long periods of time, or for plants as well, it is likewise basic to use, making it an enticing addition to your bird feeder. The bird feeder brackets are designed to attach to the Deck railing on a vertical farm stand, they come in black or red (or any color you want). They fit for birds up to 56 mm wingspan, the brackets also include a catchall section for all your bird feeder needs. This Clamp can be used to attach an 2 in 1 Deck mounted birdbath or tray to a fence or tree, the adjustability allows for a top-of-the-heap flush or alignment every time. This clamps come with an orange clamps oiled chain bag for uncomplicated care, this is a splendid Deck feeder Pole Clamp for heavy duty extensions and clamps. This Deck feeder Pole presents a long reach and peerless for attaching to a tree or building, with the clamps, you can easily put the Deck feeder in place and happy birding.